Do you feel like you missed the boat on creating a meaningful and fulfilling life? Does it feel like there must be more to your life but you can’t see what it is yet? Are you feeling lost, dissatisfied and hungry for more? Are you tired of just “going through the motions”?


I’ll help you uncover and embrace who you are, what you want and why you’re here. Let’s bring out the very best of you so you can show up in all areas of your life as you truly are and without apology!



If you’re ready to step into confidence, clarity and purpose, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started!

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“I went to Katy to seek unbiased business advice and work on branding. I got that and a whole lot more. She asked questions that showed me how to look at my pitfalls in new ways. The answers always lie within if you know what to ask. This provided clarity and helped me assess not just my business but my life as a whole. I am confident with my directions and haven’t been a more balanced and happier person. She is the best and I highly recommend her.”


Christina Watts

Founder, Ridge Side Art

Client in 2017



"A lot can and will be gained by hiring a Life Coach. If you question whether or not it’s worth the investment ask yourself if you had a terminal disease would you pay for the treatment? That is how you must think of this: as a terminal disease, because without treatment for self-loathing, sadness, frustration, defeat, or depression what kind of life are you living? Negative thoughts of any kind can be detrimental to ones health so invest in your future with a Life Coach - you will not regret it. There is way more to gain from this than you could possibly imagine!"


Rina Sims

Client in 2016


"I was getting my daily fix of the Facebook feed when I came across a review of a Life Coach. I have never heard of a Life Coach; however after reading the comments of this client, I felt the need to look into it further and wow, was I ever in for a life changing process! I live a busy life, I am proud of my career and in the midst of the height of it I met my life partner. I was lost on how to balance my home life and my career while still taking care of myself. I reached out to Katy and got exactly what I needed. It was about holding me accountable to my own ambitions and goals. An outsider to remind me the value of life and what not to sacrifice and when to compromise, a person to generate thought starters and make me take a step back and realize the decisions I need to make."


I highly recommend Katy, she is a true coach.



Client in 2015


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