You know the feeling: the motivation isn’t there, you can’t get excited about next steps, your pizzazz is gone and you just feel “blah”. Sure, the list of “to-do’s” is longer than the roll of toilet paper you just hung on the dispenser. And you know your excitement is around somewhere but given the state of chaos you live in, it’s probably at the bottom of the pile of dirty laundry that’s now grown to epic proportions. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want to stay on this merry-go-round; you’d like to make headway and get off this cyclical rut. So, let’s get on with it!

Here are 5 steps to get you out of a funk:

Step 1: Investigate
What’s really going on? Are you feeling overwhelmed with too much to do? Are you burnt out and exhausted? What’s missing? Do you feel supported enough? What needs to happen to make you feel revived? Only you can truly answer that question.

Step 2: Evaluate
Something’s gotta give. So what is it? What needs to shift or change to help you gain traction? Do you need to give yourself permission for some serious R&R? Perhaps your brain needs a reboot? Are your relationships strained? What needs are not being met and what can you do to resolve this? Figure out the missing links so you can actually DO something about them…

Step 3: Implement
It’s not enough to evaluate. You’ve got the power and the ability to create the outcome you want. Feeling burnt out? Give yourself permission to take a “me” day or at the very least, 2 hours for just YOU, and dopower button whatever it takes to make it happen (arrange childcare, schedule it in your calendar as “booked” time, etc). Talk to the people who care about you. Seek support. Reach out to a coach. Go out with friends to let loose. Do whatever it takes to get grounded again. Until you re-fuel at the deepest level, you aren’t going anywhere.

Step 4: Re-evaluate
Now that you’ve taken concrete steps to address the way you’ve been feeling, ask yourself where you’re at. Do you feel stronger? Is your excitement returning? Have you started on your plan to address the “overwhelm”, step-by-step? Allow yourself to look objectively at your reality and make adjustments accordingly. If the problem still persists, despite all efforts, consider seeking professional help.

Step 5smiles: Carry on (with vigour)
Once you’ve taken the time to examine the missing pieces in your life and actually given yourself permission to meet your deepest needs, you should naturally feel the real you coming back. This time, though, consider how you’ll keep yourself motivated moving forward. When you feel the rut coming back, it could be that your body is telling you something (whether emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically). Pay attention! Simply rinse and repeat the above steps and try again!

Good luck and get going!

NOTE: Watch out for any warning signs of depression and seek the help of a qualified professional should you find yourself unable to “snap out of it”.