Everyone wants to have their share of happiness but how can you create the right environment in your life to fill it will feelings of joy? Well, actually I can tell you there are five things you could do right now to open the pathways to happiness.

They are not difficult tasks that you must follow step-by-step in order to reach a happy place. In fact, they are simple and require just slight changes in your daily activities in order to fit them in.

I guarantee that once you start doing them, and getting bit by the Happiness Bug, you will get hooked.

So, let me go over them with you in no particular order.

1 – Slow Down

Slow Down to Absorb What’s Going on Around you.
Image Source: Wikimedia

Sure, easy to say but harder to actually do. However, if you take some time to slow yourself down and really absorb what is going on around you, you will be amazed at what you will find. If you make the effort to pay attention to all your senses and fully experience what you taste, smell, hear, touch and feel it will bring you into a better understanding of what really makes you tick. But you must. Slow. Down. First.

2 – The Gratitude Attitude

What are you grateful for today? Seriously. If you force yourself each day to come up with no less than three things you are grateful for each and every day, what would they be? Today I was grateful for a number of things including warm muffins and for not hitting every red light on my way home. I’m also grateful for the love of family and friends. Your daily list will be different and sometimes the same. All you need to do is start to consciously be grateful for something.

3 – Seeking Passion

Passion Can Make Your Heart Sing.
Image Source: Pixabay

What makes your heart sing? It can be anything like a hobby, craft, personal skill or just an activity you look forward to. Whatever that passion is, make time to follow it and participate. It doesn’t matter if it is something like having a long conversation with the neighbor or making something with your hands. Whatever that passion is, embrace it and keep it active in your life.

4 – Recalibrate The Compass

As a life coach I see this often. Whatever you focus on will grow. The same goes for those bad things or the negatives that tend to take over our thought patterns. Life coaching teaches the need to change that focus. Even if it is a small victory or something minor that can be celebrated today or this week. When you shift your focus on something positive, it changes your mindset.

5 – Make Some Connections

Here is a two-parter. First you must connect with yourself. You can do this in many different ways including journaling, meditating and through exercise. The other connections you should make are with others around you in your life. The ideal situation is to connect with people who are not going to suck the life out of you. You want to associate with people who care, love and support you.

If you work these five things into your life, you will find true happiness. I can give you all the life coaching experience I have and it still boils down to these five basic tips. Try working on them today and this week. You’ll be amazed at the results!