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It had been a challenging six months for their family. The day she noticed something was wrong with her little girl was a day she would not soon forget. Her child had always been obedient at the tender age of 18 months and followed her older brother everywhere. When he was called to the table to eat, the little girl quickly followed. But the day came when her big brother wasn’t there and the little girl was called to the table. She didn’t come. Her mother raised her voice several times over but still, her child remained seated in the other room. Her sheer frustration could be heard in the rising volume of her voice, “Why aren’t you listening to me? Are you DEAF?” At that moment, it hit her upside the head – yes, something was very wrong!

A swift visit to the health nurse followed by an appointment with a nearby audiologist several days later confirmed her fears: her daughter had a serious hearing loss.  The audiologist completed the hearing audiogram with ease – his warm and caring nature in stark contrast to the haggard woman in Vancouver. In response to the testing, the little girl’s eyes grew in utter delight in hearing the sounds. By December 1979, the almost-2-year-old received her first hearing aids. With the magic of hearing sound, the little girl began to speak, melting her mother’s heart with unspeakable joy.

Still, further testing might be required. Others expressed the opinion that the medical advice of a Prince George audiologist could not be trusted in the same way as the reliable and better-educated audiologist of Vancouver. After all, highly functional brains could only be found within the vicinity of 500,000 or more people! Hence the result of ill-informed friends and family: this horrible day and the crusty, unfeeling woman with an IQ that supposedly surpassed that of her counterpart in Prince George.

In retrospect, it was clear that the audiologist’s demeanor and hearing test would terrify her daughter. Two encased monkeys were propped in the corners, seemingly harmless at first. However, when her daughter responded to sound by looking up, the monkeys immediately came to life, red eyes and robotic jaws creating a horror-film effect. There was nothing cute and inviting about the stuffed monkeys clanging their cymbals in so-called celebration. The doctor swiftly came to the conclusion that the little girl’s reason for hiding in the crook of her mother’s neck was because she simply could not hear.  (Why should anyone doubt the highly educated woman of prestige?)

Little did anyone know that the assumption of this horrid woman was but a foreshadowing of what was to come…the heartbreak could not end here.

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