I begin to cry. And I can’t stop. Why did I sign up for this anyway? Wouldn’t it be easier to throw in the towel and go for something less emotionally taxing and mindless? The looming question taunts me: “why, oh why, do I do this to myself?” And by “this” I mean torturing myself with solopreneurship. And at what cost?

I decide a run will help.

And it does. Turns out it has something to teach me.

Game on. My inner coach encourages me through every step, yet I feel the onslaught of battle once I reach the looming hill.

As the path begins to ascend, I feel every fiber of my body scream for mercy. For the love of God, let me stop running, sit on the cement barricade, throw myself on the grass and just breathe…

Yet I must push myself. I must reach the 6th pole before I walk. I MUST.

“Come on Katy…you’ve GOT this! You are strong. Your legs have unbelievable strength. Move it!

Come on, now’s not the time to cave. Do this…

Don’t listen to that whiny voice…quitting is NOT an option.

You’re not going to stop now…let’s GO!

Katy…stay with me…”

Alas, I reach the pole and I breathe with intensity and depth to pull myself together. And I grant myself permission to walk the next 5 minutes until the next bend.

After a short reprieve, I MUST get back to running, again pushing against gravity, no matter how much I want to die in this moment. The sweat drips into my eyes, slides down my neck, and my core vibrates with resistance. I must remember to keep breathing. My arms, they accelerate me. I must take pressure off my legs and allow my arms to pick up the strength. contemplate

I. Will. Reach. My. Destination.

It dawns on me that running is deeply connected to my journey in business. Mindset is everything. Should I listen to the impulses of my body, I wouldn’t be running. EVER. And I most certainly wouldn’t be challenging myself to include this 3-kilometer incline in my route.

So it is with business. If I only did this when I “felt” like it, I’d be a done deal. KMS would cease to exist.

It all comes with a big price tag: perseverance, courage, determination and an unwavering determination to push through resistance.

It’s either Madness. Or it’s Passion. I choose the latter.

What are YOU pushing through? Don’t let the resistance stop you. Please do NOT give up.