It’s been showing up all around me lately. My clients, friends, colleagues & other women telling me they’re downright fed up, ready to throw in the towel and wondering if the cap-off-the-toothpaste habit is grounds for divorce. Okay, that’s a bit extreme. But the emotional roller coaster is real. It goes something like this:

Day 1: Life is awesome!  I just LOVE my partner, my kids, my house, my work. Still can’t believe I got the promotion! And the kids have been so fun lately – gotta love those cute stages! I’m on top of the world! Whoop…when can we go out dancing? Who’s in for a party? Even if it means dancing in my living room? Damn I just feel so GOOD…could jump right out of my skin from feeling so HAPPY!

Day 3: Just sailing along, enjoying the serenity. Trying to slow down and relax. I wonder what I should make for supper?

 “Come here, little Sally, give mommy a snuggle.”

 Sigh. True bliss. The soft hair resting on my chin, the pudgy fingers lacing with my own.

 “Oh, what’s that…you got a book? Let’s see…”

The aforementioned book leaves my child’s lap and suddenly lands with a crunch between my eyes. Words I dare not say aloud run through my mind at an alarming speed and bite down the urge to scream. The throbbing of my temple triggers suppressed rage.  I look down at sweet Sally wondering how just two minutes ago, I wanted nothing more than to hold her tight and now I’d like to sit her cute ass on her highchair and keep her there so I can release this shiver of irritation coursing through my veins. Damn kids- no one bothered to tell me this would be a contact sport!

Day 6: You have GOT to be kidding me! What the hell is wrong with this picture? Does my partner need his ass wiped too? Why am I responsible for absolutely everything? And why the hell doesn’t anyone appreciate how easy they have it, thanks to ME?? Even my stupid boss doesn’t see it – her rude comment from today keeps replaying in my mind: “Your proposal isn’t good need to work on this…and this…and this…”. What does she know? I worked my butt off on that thing! Miss Prissy-Must-Be-Perfect Pants. Ugh! People!

“Kids, STOP IT! You know better! I said….STOP it! Okay….THAT’s IT! Time out…and it’s going to be a LONG one!!! Now, SIT DOWN and don’t say a WORD!”

God, I need a glass of wine. Somebody take me far, far away from this place NOW!

Sound familiar? And right at the moment of potential detonation, we hear the words, “you must be getting your period right away.”  Tell me I did NOT just hear that!

I can relate. So much, in fact, that I want nothing more than to help others overcome these challenges and ride the roller coaster better equipped so the dips aren’t so steep. As human beings, we create our own realities and just as quickly, we forget ourselves and our role in all of it.How are you anyway? Spent much time with YOU lately? Have you tuned in or are you millions of miles away on the “gotta get it all done” train? Maybe it’s time to stop, get off and take a good hard look at yourself? Loving life with all the beloved, albeit irritating, realities means turning inward and sorting out what really matters.