They say I’m a professional. And yes, by societal standards, that’s me. I’m educated, I’ve gained oodles of valuable experience and I’m gifted with wisdom that I’m meant to share.

But in actual fact, I’m really just a student. And my biggest lessons often come in the form of my clients who blow me away every day. Let me share three powerful things I’ve learned from the people who have entrusted me to support them in their lives…

Lesson #1: Life isn’t a calculus equation.

Keep it simple. Running 500 miles per hour doesn’t give us a life of quality. It drains us, sucks out all the joy to be found in the little things and convinces us that we are never enough. How do my clients find their joy? By challenging the status quo and their own thoughts on what’s required to be happy. By slowing down and paying attention to the moments. By surrendering to their authenticity and perhaps for the first time, allowing themselves the freedom to explore what’s possible. No degree in rocket science required!

Lesson #2: The answer is inside of you.

You’re the expert, whether you see it or not. The real source of confusion and exhaustion is a disconnect from self. Stop and listen. You’ll be amazed at the wise advice that already resides within you. Time and time again, I’ve listened to my clients untangle the mess of their thoughts to find clarity on the inside. All they needed was some help getting there. You are the expert. Trust yourself.

Lesson #3: Your value doesn’t come from the outside.

I confess that helping my clients find their own value is a constant reminder to me that I must remember that I am enough. Nothing I ever do or say or think or see will ever change the value of me as a human being. My clients have taught me that by simply showing up as our true selves, we offer something of immeasurable value to the world. Your degree, weight loss, finances, social status, or any other means of measurement does NOT alter the value of who YOU truly are. You are enough.

As a “student”, my schedule keeps filling up with more “teachers” showing up. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you to my amazing clients for teaching me what it is to grow, to constantly evolve and all the while, to love myself without conditions. You make me a better person and a better coach every day.


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