Your 5-Day Mini-Course is Here!

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.   - Aristotle

To build the life you love, you must discover and embrace who you really are!


Your 5-Day Mini-Course is READY for you!

Get clear about who the (bleep) you are to create the life you love!

I tell people over and over again that knowing (and loving) yourself is absolutely essential to build a life that is meaningful, fulfilling and deeply satisfying!

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You don't know what you want or what your "purpose" is
  • You feel stuck in the "same old" (stuck in a rut)
  • You wish you could find the courage to go after something seemingly "out out of your league"
  • You're facing a crossroads or some kind of transition
  • You feel uncertain about where to go next
  • You want to change your perception/attitude but you're not sure how
  • Or you simply crave a deeper understanding of who the (bleep) you are!

If yes, this is the perfect opportunity for you! It's a win-win: low-commitment, low-cost and highly effective!

There is just one thing I must say though: don't even invest the money if you don't commit the time!

This kind of work is like exercise: if you treat it as another "I'll get to it when I have a moment" gig, it will never happen. You owe it to yourself to make the time and make you a priority. And c''s only for 5 days! Your time commitment to this mini-course will work out to 30-60 minutes per day, at the most! (Unless you're eager to dig deeper, of course.) This is flexible, fun AND designed to work within your busy schedule. No excuses!

Your time has come! Enough just "getting by" and merely going through the motions. Let's get real, get clear and unleash the real YOU!


For just $97.00 CAD + GST, you'll have instant access to this  mini-course which includes:

  • Your welcome email with instructions & everything you need to know to make the most of this experience
  • Five audios (5-7 min each) delivered daily to walk you through the mini-course and get you inspired for action
  • Effective worksheets sent directly to your inbox to help you apply the daily lesson directly to your life
  • Email access to Coach Katy every step of the way
  • And so much more...



Upon payment, you will be taken to our landing page and prompted to send us your email address. From there, all you have to do is follow the steps as shown.  Upon confirmation, your audios and worksheets will be delivered straight to your inbox. Easy peasy.

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In this mini course, Katy gets right to heart of the definition of self. With great wisdom and insight, she offers clarity in separating our true essence from the labels we apply to ourselves. If you’ve never been coached by Katy, prepare to be blown away! 

 - Fiona Christenson

Katy's mini course provided me with a concrete road map for improving my life. By the end of the course I had a better sense of self and felt invigorated to follow through on the action plan that resulted. Since that time many elements have been put into place and I look forward to putting the remaining elements in play. The talks are short and to the point; the true value is in completing the worksheets as the answers are within you. Do not just think about it, it is more powerful when you can look back to the previous worksheets on the following exercises. This course is ideal to get the inner conversation going. This will get you on the road to living your life on and with purpose.  

- Anita Gonzalez