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It’s almost 2018! And it’s your year! Finally, you’ll lose that extra weight, eat healthier, make more money, and live in pure bliss! We’re less than 30 days away from your brand spanking new reality! January 1st is YOUR day to start anew. And of course, like magic, you’ll kick some serious ass in 2018. (Insert trumpet and drum roll here…)

(Uh…Reality Check Oncoming…)

Why are we so delusional? Did you know that 92% of us who set new years’ resolutions FAIL? Every. Single. Time. We failed in 2010, then again in 2013 and, yes, we’ll fail in 2018 too. Wait, that’s probably not what you want to hear is it? Okay, let’s break this down and change things up – then I promise you’ll stop being irritated with me.

1 – Wake up and get real!

Your life for X number of years has been shaped by habits, beliefs and perceptions. If you think that on January 1st, you can turn off a switch and start brand new, I may need to slap you. (Lovingly, of course.)

Thanks to our habits, our choices and actions stem from what’s already taken root in our subconscious, meaning we don’t necessarily think about them. Our experiences based on these choices and actions create beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in. That, in turn, develops our perceptions. It’s a tangled layering of cause and effect.

Now you’re saying you want to push the button and reboot? Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

In order to create long-lasting changes (well beyond 2018), you must incorporate new habits and consequently, new beliefs step by step. I encourage you to read more about this in this insightful article where the author shares the actual science behind this. You’re welcome.

2 – Stop should’ing all over the place.

The truth is, if you’re trying to achieve a goal because you think you should do something, your motivation will die a brutal death quickly. As a word in and of itself, should feels heavy and burdensome. Get rid of it. Do what you want for the right reasons! Sure, we all should eat healthy and/or pay down our debt. But does that make you excited to do it? Hardly.

Think about the shoulds in your life. When we bow before our shoulds, we build resentment and anger. Eventually we become bitter about the endless stupid obligations that we find no joy.
Choose wisely. Change the way you’re looking at the thing you want to change. Stop should’ing yourself.

3 – Start living in the now.

By constantly looking ahead into the distant future, we’re implying that we must relentlessly work towards the next goal and the next and the next. The minute we assume that there’s something wrong with us or our lives, we are buying into the belief that we will never be enough. While the process of evolving is ever-so-important as human beings, we must not lose sight of the present moment.

Yes, let’s set goals and strive to be better (from a place of want as per above) BUT let’s also exercise gratitude and live in the now. Why not incorporate some good habits now? Why wait until you’re in the midst of post-holiday deflation to develop positive changes?

I challenge you over the Christmas holidays to be present with loved ones, to spend time with yourself and to embrace the moments for what they are: the gifts that money can’t buy.

4 – What is your why?

What resolutions do you set for yourself over and over again, only to fail and meet disappointment? The outside world may convince us that we need to shed those pounds, dress in nicer clothes, grow our bank accounts, have lots of friends, travel more and be happy. All. The. Time. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things but what’s really driving your desire to fix a certain area of your life?

Until you understand the real reason why you want something, you’re going nowhere. The motivation and commitment you need must come from a place of internal desire and want. You cannot change anything in your life and stick to it without coming from a place of genuine desire.

Ask yourself why you want something. Is it so you can feel more confident? Free? More caring? More authentic?

Find your why then turn your status of “interested” into “committed”. Trust me, being merely interested or driven by something outside of you will lead you right back to this place just in time for 2019. Oh yay! (Groan.) Your why is your inner compass.

New Year’s resolutions don’t work. YOU DO. And I can help!

I’ve already done the hard work of setting up a blueprint to help you build an amazing 2018 so long as you show up from a place of genuine desire and willingness to do the work. Learn more about Navigate 2018: Sail into Success and set up your free consultation to figure out if this is the right next step for you!

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