It’s a familiar scenario, I’m sure.

trickleThe kids are finally in their seats. Dad yells for the Child #2 to get his belt on. Mom closes her eyes and leans back to ward off a headache. Child #1 demands to know where we’re going.  Child #3 finds space between the screams and cursing to sing the “ABC’s”.

Searching for Sanity

It’s another seemingly wasted Saturday of miserable weather and a crippling overdose of cabin fever. A family drive will surely cure the “kill-me-now” blues. A moving vehicle seems more productive than the stifling boredom of couch potato madness.

As the vehicle pulls out and the noise intensifies, Mom breathes in deeply and silently repeats the words, “I will be grateful…I will be grateful…I will be…”

Each “Mom…he’s looking at me!” and oblivious “now I know my…” threatens to drown her efforts. But still she breathes in…and breathes out…one saving grace at a time.

The Curse

Eyes still closed in a fraudulent attempt at meditation, Mom is startled as the vehicle suddenly stops and words spew out beside her: “Why the hell’s this stupid light always red?! I swear to God, its bloody red every single frickin time I pull up at this bloody intersection! Bloody hell!”

red lightAll things considered, it’s been a rough day. Now is the time to say nothing. Drowning out the noise and the pent up frustration beside her, Mom silently observes the world as it passes by. On two more occasions, more cursing follows, “See…what’d I tell you? Every single freakin time!”

The God of Red Lights has spewed down on this driver with such hatred and venom!

The Choice

Mom silently has a moment of realization, though dares not voice it in this heated moment.

It’s a powerful moment of insight. And it just might be showing up in your life too.

See, too often we lose ourselves in those moments of utter frustration and become miserable with our circumstances. And ultimately, we feed ourselves with more misery because as common sense tells us: what we focus on grows.

For the 3 red lights that generated such an intensity of negative emotion, what do you make of the 6 green lights that went by unseen?