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As the saying goes, “no man is an island”. Being involved in the larger community, both on and

off line is an important part of what we do.



Your life is a masterpiece and you are the artist.


This 6-week program will take you through a journey of self-discovery and artistic expression designed for personal empowerment. Identify and pursue your dreams by exploring who you are, what you want and why it matters through a number of different artistic mediums and styles. Courageously and freely express yourself in ways that propel you forward into meaningful action and purpose.


Join Christina Watts, Artist Extraordinaire & Owner of Ridge Side Art alongside Katy Suik, Certified Professional Coach & Owner of KMS Life Coaching for a unique opportunity to connect with yourself so you can create the life you love.


We cannot wait to work with you by providing fun, compelling, engaging and transformational tools. Chart a new course for your life and venture down a more fulfilling path – we’ll help you get there!



We have carefully crafted six classes designed to get you in touch with who you really are, what is you really want and why it matters. By blending Katy’s coaching expertise with Christina’s incredible art talents, we’ve created a journey that will produce your masterpiece!


Here’s what this amazing program looks like:



What does your life look like now? What’s working? What’s not? By using something called notans, you’ll have an opportunity to evaluate how balanced your life is without being limited by words. Watch the power of your feelings come to life on paper!



In this powerful session, explore who you really are from the inside-out. Your relationship with yourself is a deeply personal and hard-to-capture reality. Using intuitive art, you’ll have the chance to play with colours, shapes and collage to allow freedom of inner expression. In this class, much of your work will be done without too much prompting and a lot more reflection. You can thank us later.



Using a technique called Painted Faces, this class will teach you to dig deeper into who you are. While last week was about exploring from a place of unknowing, this class is about tapping into the things that are much deeper, such as your core values, passions, needs, limitations and desires.



What gets in your way? Is it yourself? Lack of money or time? Not enough boundaries? Using Zentangle art, we’ll use a fun medium to unlock what it is that stands between you and what it is you want. Allow your creative side to free you from the boxed in limitations you’ve settled for until now.



What does it mean for you truly own your life? How can you incorporate more self-love/care/compassion/respect? By using India Ink, we’re going to explore what it means to be more self-aware and how we set ourselves up for a better life all around.



What are my dreams? Desires? What is it that I really WANT? And WHY? Using word art, this class is designed to open your heart up so you can really listen and hear what’s being said. By writing beautiful art-filled messages, you can give your heart the opportunity to build your roadmap. Imagine the delight…how often do we truly stop to listen? Get your creative on and find out what you’ve known deep down all along…



Are you hosting a retreat, conference or event where you’d like to inspire and motivate your participants? With over 15 years of public speaking experience, Katy will deliver relevant content and meaningful learning outcomes to fit with the theme of your event. Speaking packages range from 15 to 90 minute sessions. All speaking engagements are customized to accommodate the unique needs of your participants. Discounted rates are available for not-for-profit groups. To discuss your needs, please contact Katy and find out if this is the right fit for you.




In alignment with her passion, Katy is a proud member of the Best Life Network. Here’s what the Best Life Network is about:


You matter. Your life means something. Yet, like so many, perhaps you struggle to understand who you are and why you’re here. Living in alignment with your most authentic self is a journey

that requires continual learning and growth. The good news is, you’re not alone!


The Best Life Network is a fun and engaging team of professionals that shares one common vision: to support and strengthen the connection between each person and his or her best life possible. We’re a network of ordinary human beings with extraordinary passion for nurturing lives that are overflowing with meaning and purpose. We specialize in personal and professional development through life coaching, counselling and integrative healing. To learn more, please visit or find us on Facebook:








If you live in the Prince George, BC area, join us on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at

Books & Company to connect and engage with others in a fun, supportive and engaging environment. Each month features a unique topic by a speaker and plenty of opportunity to discuss issues around personal growth with like-minded people!



Can changing the way we think about stress make us healthier? Stress has become a public enemy but is it as bad as we make it out to be? Join Counsellor Caroline Pearce to learn about ways you can rethink and manage stress. What a perfect topic for a stressful time of year! See you there!

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