Operation Self Discovery


In all my years of working with clients and building programs, I have learned one very important thing:


We all crave purpose and meaning in our lives.


The real challenge, though, is this: how do we find it?


See, the answers we seek and the joy we’re after all reside within.


That means that in order to build a life that truly fills you up, you need to know who you are, what you want and why it matters.


Sure, it sounds simple enough on paper.


In reality, it’s no easy feat.


I was there once…wandering aimlessly through one big event to the next. I could feel that yearning for something greater but I just couldn’t scratch that itch.


Fortunately, with my professional training and other life experiences, I came to a place of knowing and loving myself at a level that allows me to live a life that is rich with purpose and meaning. What I do every day is so fulfilling because I get to help others find the same!


Recently, I have pulled together my experience, skills, education and work with clients into a program that I just know will help you get some serious clarity and direction in your life too! My mission is to help more people discover the important process of self-discovery and step into more confidence, courage and authenticity! So, here’s what I’ve done:


I’ve built an 8-week course to help people just like you overcome feeling stuck, unmotivated, direction-less, confused, unsure and frustrated.


See, I believe that every single one of us is hard-wired for greatness. It’s just that the vast majority of us don’t the internal work required to get there. And that work starts on the inside.





Operation Self Discovery!


What is it?


Operation Self Discovery is an 8-week course designed to walk you through an important journey of self-discovery. Throughout this process, you’ll have the opportunity to learn important content, experience hands-on coaching, share in insightful discussions with like-minded people, work through empowering exercises and challenge yourself to a whole new level of personal growth and satisfaction!


What you get:


  • Eight (8) intensive self-discovery sessions that include hands-on coaching, support, accountability and the tools you need to succeed


  • Shared learning with like-minded people who will teach you more about yourself and what you need to do


  • Accountability in the form of partnership


  • Weekly action items, exercises and tools to support you in moving forward


  • Unlimited email access to Coach Katy


  • A Secret/Private Facebook group to stay connected with others in the program outside of the sessions


  • A bonus 50-minute one-on-one coaching session with Katy at no additional cost


  • And so much more!



Duration of the Program:


8 weeks at 1.5 hours per session (April 9th-May 28th)





Location TBA



Invest in YOU!


$798+GST or just 3 installments of $266 (+GST)


YOU are worth it! Invest in yourself and your life will never be the same again.


Imagine creating a better, stronger and more confident YOU! The benefits to you, your family, friends and colleagues are immeasurable. A stronger and happier you will translate into a life built on who you most authentically are.



To learn more about this innovative program and to decide if this is right for you, set up your free discovery session with Katy by contacting her today! (Act now…seats will fill up quickly.)


© 2017 Katy Suik Certified Life Coach