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In collaboration with leading organizations and business leaders, KMS Life Coaching strives to cultivate optimal performance and engagement in the workplace. Our services stem from the core belief that personal and professional growth is an inside job. As a Coach, Katy brings objectivity, expertise and valuable tools to help individuals identify and overcome challenges that are blocking growth and success. Services are customized to meet the unique needs of each business, organization or department.


To inspire your team and encourage professional growth, consider a 50-minute Lunch and Learn Session! Explore what it really means to be empowered at work and what you can do to contribute to a powerful and positive culture in the workplace. These impactful sessions are designed to introduce a new way of thinking and encourage individuals to take full ownership for their choices, potential and performance. Contact Katy to find out more!


Professional development is an essential ingredient for optimal performance. As a means of supporting this process, enlist Katy to build and customize a workshop to address challenges around attitude, perception and communication. Through a carefully thought-out process, individuals will be challenged and encouraged to take full ownership of their choices, behaviours and contributions in a safe, un-confrontational way. Workshops are available in 1.5-4 hour segments.

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Our level of performance and engagement at work is inseparable from how we perceive ourselves. From the entry-level employee to the top executive, every individual can only perform as effectively as his or her level of confidence. Performance coaching is about identifying, implementing and maintaining new habits, thought patterns and processes to accelerate self-awareness and performance at work. Coaching is a powerful means of mastering your inner game to create improved productivity, relationships, efficiency and overall profitability.


Through individualized coaching, Katy offers:


  • A customized process that empowers clients to identify their challenges, build strategies to overcome them, and accelerate their professional growth;
  • 100% objective support and tools for employees to excel in the workplace; and
  • Support to create greater engagement, improved productivity, higher motivation, stronger communication skills, personal pride and ownership for individual roles, and improved self-confidence.


Performance coaching converts into greater engagement, improved productivity, higher motivation, stronger communication skills and improved self-confidence.


One-on-one performance coaching is powerful but limited to highly committed individuals who are ready to do the work required. Contact Katy to find out if this is right for you or one of your staff.

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