Simplicity. Living in the moment. Letting go. Trusting your heart.

Great concepts…in theory.

At least that’s what my rational mind tries to argue. Life is messy, complicated, chaotic and the very thought of surrendering to the moment can seem absurd. I mean…really? Come on now! Bills have to be paid, mess has to be cleaned, the kids fed and dressed, other responsibilities taken care of and 24 hours is damn well nowhere near enough time to do it all. Heck, just taking the time to think about how little time there is a waste of precious time!

Truth be told, I fall into that mind frame often. I look at my life and wish I could just get it under control. After all, I’m a life coach so I need to have my “sh*t” together right? Very quickly, I find myself leaping onto the hamster wheel, fooling myself into believing that I’m achieving things, staying on top of my life, getting things under wraps. Before long, however, I realize I haven’t actually moved forward. Instead, I’m staring at the clutter that has piled into my life wondering how it got there and how I’m going to clean it up. Inevitably, I get discouraged and stressed out, my insecurities overwhelm me and I question what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

Someone recently reminded me that the answers I so desperately seek are already inside me. And the reason I miss them is because I search elsewhere, assuming I can’t make the right choices being an “amateur”. In my pursuit for those answers, I introduce clutter into my life in the form of “should do’s” that drown me in chaos. All the while, I lose sight of my inner compass and succumb to the very kind of life I try to avoid.

For the skeptic, living in the moment with simplicity, letting go of all fear, and trusting one’s own heart is perhaps unrealistic. But here’s what I’ve recently learned. Placing demands upon yourself, doubting your own intuition and cursing the world for getting in your way are in fact counterproductive. Trust me, I’m talking from experience!

Are you really following the promptings of your heart and living a life of authenticity? Before you roll your eyes and throw the word “unrealistic” at me, I invite you to consider what “realistic” actually means in your life. Is it bringing out the very best in you or is it running you into the ground?

I don’t know about you but I hate to spin my wheels in the trenches of misery. I own my life and I intend to live with joy and purpose. And I challenge you: will you do the same?