It’s an isolating experience at times. And the wrong visitors have a way of making it worse!

The frequent guests (you know, the ones who overstay their welcome when in fact, they were never invited to begin with) are Fear, Self-Doubt, and Self-Sabotage. So long as they’re around, the lows outnumber the highs. What started out as a passion for something greater than us has shifted to a scolding inner critic…the loudspeaker screams, “What were you thinking?…you’ll never pull this off!…it’s time to join the ranks of the real world and get a real job!”

Couple this with the well-meaning words of advice from people around you…the ones who could never understand your passion or your faith and ask you to evaluate the things you’ve already picked apart piece by piece. They only want to see you happy, to see you overcome the obstacles that scare you half to death. What they don’t know is that they’re feeding the monster inside of you…the creature that eagerly feeds off the fear and self-doubt…and wants to consume you from the inside.

What a terrible feeling it is to feel so alone. So afraid. So vulnerable. So passionate, yet so full of doubt!

The good news is this: you are NOT alone!

There is so much power in solidarity with others who feel so much the same. By engaging with like-minded individuals, we quickly realize our unwanted guests don’t stand a chance. We find our voice again. And we share a common vision.

I’ve been so lucky to connect with incredible people in our community. And the support I’ve received has given me strength every step of the way. I continue to meet and connect with inspiring individuals who, like me, believe in living bigger…in stepping outside the mold and changing the world…boldly. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of connecting with others and pushing ahead, against the grain of all the fear.

Who have YOU reached out to? Who’s got YOUR back?

I believe so strongly in having a supportive network so I want to share two unique opportunities coming up here in Prince George that will give you inspiration, strength and solidarity. If you live in the area, you don’t want to miss out!

Up & Coming THIS May….


KMS Empowerment Series, Session #4: Are you Lying to Yourself?

On the first Wednesday of every month (minus July & August), we host a series of workshops designed to provide inspiration, knowledge and empowerment. This month’s topic addresses the lies we tell ourselves…ones we may not even be aware of. So long as we tell ourselves that something is true, we will act (or choose not to act) accordingly. Come on out and learn what lies are trapped inside of you and let’s do something about it!

Table_Session 4 KMS Emp Series

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Stepping up: Uncover your Leadership Potential

Ladies, this one’s for you! We need strong women leaders in our community; women who are ready and willing to make a difference. This seminar is being offered in partnership with the Women’s Enterprise Centre to inspire our women to find their leadership style and connect with others who share the same passion for making a difference. Despite how we may feel at times, we truly are not alone – come on out and use this opportunity to further develop your potential!

May 11

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You are so not alone! Join us!