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Can I just step out from behind the façade for a moment? Like many other entrepreneurs, I tend to hide the hard stuff from the public eye. After all, aren’t we supposed to look like we’ve got it together with Success our middle name?

What if I just admitted to you that I get scared? Like really, really scared? Or that I have a voice in my head that tells me I’m inadequate, incompetent and unintelligent? What if I admitted that my ego takes over and a sense of entitlement takes over at the best of times? That I feel like a child throwing myself on the ground in the throws of a temper when things don’t go my way? Heck, if I was to bare my soul, what if I told you that for all the building up I do for others, I’ll be damned if I can do that for myself? And what if I just came clean and admitted to you that my garden is choke-full with weeds of self-doubt? It’s a brutal part of the journey.

Times like this pull me into a place of lack and fear. When that happens, I question absolutely everything: my intentions, my expectations, my dreams, my hopes and whether or not I’m in alignment with my purpose. I question whether or not I’m being fair to the people I love most. It’s not a place I like to stay for long.

Sure, no one said this would be easy. But what they didn’t tell me was that entrepreneurship could beat you to a pulp and leave you gasping for air on the floor. Or that every last bit of strength within could appear to vanish into thin air. And that to get back up is to reach out for that support sometimes.

But here’s the truth: if it wasn’t for the passion and for the utter love I have for helping people, my business would have died a long time ago. Like my marriage, I’m committed to this endeavour…for better or for worse. Sure, I hate it some days. I scream at the injustice of so many hours spent with no guarantee of pay. Or the genuine effort put in to help those who, in the end, ultimately refuse to help themselves. But it still doesn’t pull me into the quitting zone. That’s because the fire within me cannot be quenched. It lives on. And thank God (literally) for that force within that defeats the lowest of moments.

I bare my struggles not in search of pity but in an effort to be that much more REAL. To be vulnerable. To share in the humanness that makes us all the same. Only in letting down my guard can I let you in. And only in letting you in can I truly help you in the ways that I know how.

It’s not an audition. This is you. This is it. Are you being real?

Life is beautiful. Life is hard and messy. The one element of comfort is that we are NOT alone. Let me know your challenges and whether or not you can identify with what I’m talking about.

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