Something very intriguing shows up when you start to examine why you desire something. The want may be obvious but but what exactly are you trying to experience when you think about that want? In other words, what is the driver of that desire?

For many, it is one of several different items. Perhaps you want more money; after all, who doesn’t? But why? What you really want might  be the sense of freedom money can give. Or maybe you’reafter more pleasure, less stress, more free time or something completely different.

But what is the source of that driving desire?

This is something that is so simple that  we tend to forget just how important it is in our day-to-day life. I’m talking about core values.

What really matters to you?

If a Relationship is Your Desire, then that will be the Main Driver.
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Once you unlock what’s most important to you,  you will have a much better understanding of the why behind the want. If your heart’s desire is to have financial security, then this will be the main driver for the things you are trying to amass as part of your Want List.

This also goes for building relationships in your life. Whether you’re searching for a prospective mate, a friend, or want to mend a relationship with someone, valuing deeper interpersonal connection will influence your efforts. The want for stronger and more meaningful relationships is driven by your deeper desire for connection. That desire should always ignite the want.

Do you see the connection here?

As a life coach, my want is to inspire and empower those I meet to live their best lives. The deeper desire (value) is to make a difference and to help in deep and meaningful ways.  To me, it is impossible not to honour this deeper value and I chose this path as a way to drive my want.

Make sense?

We Need to Have the Right Motivators for Success.
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So where I am going here is to say that everything we want and desire comes from somewhere inside us. To successfully achieve our wants we need to have the right motivations behind them. If we don’t, we tend to veer into self-sabotage territory. But if our genuine wants are in proper alignment with our core values, we should be able to achieve the goals of receiving the wants.

It’s such a simple concept yet so difficult to explain. Yet I continue to be blown away at how many of us just are not aware of our core values. To build up the life we truly want, there is only one place to start. That’s on the inside.

To discuss this further, or to speak with me about  one-on-one Life Coaching or Workplace Performance Coaching, contact me today. Isn’t it time you go after what you truly want?