You’ve likely heard the phrase, “it’s all mind over matter”. Turns out, there’s a lot of truth to how this can work to your advantage – or disadvantage. Your mindset can be your biggest gateway to success but it can also be your biggest threat.

So how do you get around the road blocks created by the way you think?

You need to be able to recognize mind ‘traps’ as they develop and take actions to get past them. Let’s look at it this way: if you encounter a road block on your drive, you’ll simply take the detour so you can still get to where you’re going.

Let’s say “success” is your goal and your ultimate destination. Wouldn’t we all like the road to take us directly to success? The problem is, our mindset has a nasty habit of producing roadblocks.

Today, as a Professional Life Coach, I’ll show you some readily available detours to help you get around these blocks and well on your way to meaningful success.

Roadblock #1: I’m Not Educated Enough

Detour: Aside from the fact that a high percentage of successful people in the world did not complete high school, why do you need more education? Ask yourself what kind of success you’re looking for. If you are not pursuing a career which requires further education, you may already have all the education you need. Take a closer look: is more education necessary or are you believing a story in your mind that without it, you are not enough?

Roadblock #2: I Can Never Beat My Competitors

Detour: We tend to overestimate others while at the same time underestimating our own abilities. Your competition is probably doing the exact same thing! If anything, learn from your competitors and do what they do – but only better. Or just carve your own path. There’s more than enough need in this world – find your sweet spot and make the magic happen!

Roadblock #3: The Self-Doubt Trap

Detour: Speaking of overestimating…if you set the bar too high, you will disappointed in your performance. However, if you set your target on attainable goals within your reach, you will be successful in achieving realistic goals and you’ll find the confidence and motivation to aim higher. The important thing to remember is that a failure is just a lesson to build upon and not a mistake to dwell on. Use every mistake as a learning tool to be better!

Roadblock #4: Refusing Roadside Assistance

Detour: Sitting on the side of the road to success just watching others zip by is crippling. But when someone pulls over to help, they are sharing valuable experience that will save you time and effort learning it on your own. We all need help from time to time. For help getting back on track or finding a better route, seek advice from someone who can support you the way you need to be supported.

Keep Your Tank And Coffee Cup Full

Did you find yourself nodding at one or more of these roadblocks to success? We’ve all been there – we doubt ourselves to the point we sabotage our own efforts. We don’t have the vision to see our own possibilities and blame our failures on not being enough or we simply don’t have enough support from those around us. It becomes a vicious cycle that eats away at our self confidence, self worth and so much more.

However, a Life Coach can help you cut through all of that. With Private Coaching or Workplace Performance Coaching, I can show you how to find your focus, and the support you need to skirt around those roadblocks. Call me today to discuss how I can get you on the fast lane to success!